Sunday, February 04, 2007

1 of 176 for the Superbowl

The coverage is off an running to 176 countries for the Superbowl (for me on Sky HD.) I am always struck by some cultural differences and some TV madness.
We have Cirque de Soleil doing the pre game show. Probably a little bit too soft I would have thought, more like an Olympics. Still Janet Jackson, mind you that was mid game ?
Billy Joel sand away at the national anthem. It was good as he seemed to just sing it. Very often there seems to be lots of over interpretation and changes put into the song. Some thing that tends not to happen with other national anthems.
There was an amazingly well times fly over of jets just as the song finished, very impressive.
Then there is the coin toss. It is a massive ritual with lots of statistical analysis afterwards. A quote from Kevin on Sky "At the end of the toss one team has the ball one team does not"!
In this case Chicago won the toss, made my ex Dolphins star player Dan Marino.
So I am sitting here and now am eating my own words. Chicago (Hester) just recieved the kick, and most amazingly the ball was run the entire length of the field to score ! The 8th kick return for score a touchdown in Superbowl history and the first ever on a starting kickoff!
I need to stop typing and start watching. Go Bears :-)

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