Monday, February 05, 2007

Eightbar diversifies

For a while now a few of us have been, and still are writing on eightbar. Many of the emerging tech founders of eightbar have now either started, or restarted blogs of their own. It is not a rock and roll split. but merely our needs to express some of our own interests and ideas. A communal blog you have to consider your fellow contributors.
Eightbar has also been a victim of its own success in all things metaverse and Second Life. So we have to consider what impact any article may have on a wider audience.
Daz had his blog for ages, Roo has become more prolific recently and the latest to join the fray is Rob. This is worrying competition as Rob often excels in everything he tries. Daz used to try and compile a list of things that Rob can't do and that was very short.
So far from a beatles/the who/guns and roses/take that/busted (delete for applicable era) band split we are in fact spreading our experiences and giving ourselves a bit of breathing space.
Well I think so anyway.


andyp said...

I go with the Take That analogy, since there's more of a physical resemblance there.

RobS said...

Your spot on there :) I keep coming across things i'd like to write about but don't quite fit with Eightbar. Hopefully this will give me a way of experimenting a little bit more with subject matter and also result in a few more Eightbar posts too.

Roo Reynolds said...

I was hoping it *was* a rock and roll split, and I just hadn't been informed. Ah well. I like the idea that we're diversifying, and learning individually through our extra experience. I shall certainly be trying to keep my end up at Eightbar too, though I've been very slack at posting there for a long time now. [/me looks at rob too]. :-)

Darren said...

Which one is Lennon or Williams then? As long as I'm not Keith Moon or Pete Townsend! :-)

The other thing I found interesting about eightbar is that it developed its own defacto corporate rules of what suitable content. Though I may still write a "Second Life Is Just For Nerds" post and get fired. :-)