Sunday, January 14, 2007

Once more with feeling

Well after a long while blogging over on I had forgotten to keep this blog going.
Lots has been happening the past year of so.
At work I have been recreated as epredator potato on We have seen a massive rise in popularity across the board, but we now have 1400 collegues and an emerging business unit all operating in the non game 3d MMO.
I will do a round up of some of the press links, as I have been very busy telling the world about what this new thing is all about, but that is for eightbar :-)
However here is something neat
Well its just a few minutes on the television with Paul Mason of newsnight.
Its available to watch here first it the article marked virtual death
The piece is aiming at delving deeper into who we are online.
There are actually more frames of my 3d print than of me, but thats not a bad thing.
So we get the real Hursley build and Yossarians virtual one on the telebox.
So from about 7mins 20 to 9mins 15 you get to see some other IBM virtual stars and lots of shots of the real fabjectory printed version of the virtual me.

Closer to home, and more importantly we are days or possibly hours away from a baby brother for Sophie. Baby Linden as he is nicknamed is due on wednesday so I am sure I will use this blog to let you all see him.
This is a shot from October 06 though.

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