Saturday, January 20, 2007

We are still waiting for baby linden

It has been a day of trying to distract ourselves. Sophie was off with her Nanny and Grandad today. That left Jan and I to go for a walk, though not a very long one.
Biggest alarm was Sophie falling out of bed, a big thump just now upstairs.
So it meant the rest of the day spent trying to wait.
Jan spent time on here favourite game of all time. Zuma. So yes I have to own up any achievements on the Z game are not mine on the 360.
I spent an ridiculous amount of time on Eve. I actually managed to get somewhere. A long way to go, but it is a great, not too stressful way to spend the time. It does not need a heads down focus all the time. Though I do think I need to spark up Rainbow Six:Vegas and do something a bit more focussed.


Unknown said...

Heh, its when you end up scheduling your life around being near the computer when your current training skill is ending that you know you're addicted ;-)

I spent way too many hours playing Eve until I got hooked on Second Life

epredator said...

yes I dont think they have wireless in the maternity unit. Otherwise I might end up with SL and EVE running.