Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Eve does look good, help!

Ok, so I have only just completed the training missions, and scratched the surface, but Eve Online does look very nice.
Of course only having space and effectively nice background, not massive amounts of terrain to shift it does have a good chance to look great. Just as homeworld did way back.
Now, do I spend ages playing this again tonight? If so when do I get to watch sky one Battlestar Galactica in HD?
What about my 360? acheivement points to chase to catch up with a few people like Aidy
Last count I have 5090 and he has 5339. I had nearly caught him, damn that viva pinata he got the other day.


Adrian Spender said...

He he. Viva certainly offers up some low hanging achievement points, but it is a very engrossing game at the same time.

It has certainly revived my interest in the XBox as it had been gathering a bit of dust since well before Christmas. For some strange reason I've not played (or bought) Gears of War yet either.

epredator said...

Yes they accuse gears of war of being short. However I think it was just right. I got to spend time finishing it. Albeit on a low level.
I would have preferred steady combat to mad boss levels.
It does look and feel superb though. I laso have to say I really really enjoyed my first chainsaw kill online.