Saturday, August 08, 2009

Its back and so am I

Its back, originally uploaded by epredator.

Back in the late 90's I used to exercise a lot. Every day either some moderate weights at home or out on my bike.
I decided that it was time to get going again, the web, virtual worlds and the predlets had taken up so much time the past 10 years fitness was not high on the list.
So in true mid life crisis style I started again.
My old Saracen bike was in bits, so I initially used the one we had for putting a predlet on a back seat. It was ok but not as much fun as my old big bike.
So last night I fixed it, new tubes, a bit of oil and it was in a good state.
I also went and got a new Camelbak, and put some batteries in the heart monitor.
Working at home and for my own company means that whilst I am really busy I can still practically workout during daylight hours with little impact to the family. A unique opportunity that I have to take.
So I have jusyt got back from another hour off road, at about 155 heart rate. Hopefully the fact I feel the addiction again will keep me going.
It was a strange experience back on this bike after so long, it seemed to familiar like an old friend. The things missing were my extra tech.
back then I had an old fashioned GPS, a lead battery front spot light, a regular trip computer and a space for the phone.
Bizzare to think how much the tech has changed in particular with GPS in everything these days.

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