Friday, October 05, 2007

Waterfalls, Rocks, Halo3 and Roovatar

Having made a nice waterfall in Torque it was a bit mad that I ended up in Halo 3 by a waterfall of similar dimensions



Also in Halo3 is a very creative user creation scheme called Forge. You can actually edit the maps and the engine whilst a fast pace game is going on. One of the options is to let people see you, as a small bot, creating and placing things whilst the action goes on.

Just in single player this lets you get the right tools in the right place so that you can explore the replay mode and capture moments.

So forge and theater together make for a stunning set creation and playback faciltity.

star bang boom

The waterfall in the torque internal metaverse (which I am experiementing with) got enhanced by the addition of a cool rolling rock. This was tryging to see how far the base physics goes in Torque.

and finally there was the slightly odd look I managed to give Roo and his Roovatar when an experiment crossing him with penguin went a bit odd.
It did prove the tool chain though :-)

This video also made a cool association between Roo, Metaverse and Brian Eno and Will Wright and Spore :-) its sort of networking by proxy


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