Saturday, October 06, 2007

Funny lines in not going out

The not going out show on BBC has some fanstastic lines, wit and sarcasm. It appears up front to be a bad sitcom, but it really is funny.
Lee Mack tends to get the best lines as its his show really but the other do get some nice builds.
last night's episode featured Lee who lives in a posh London flat but is from up north and sells ice creams from a van for a living saying "I can sell snow to eskimos... well ice creams to hoodies its the same thing"
The show is peppered with clever one liners, and misunderstandings. It loks liek it should not work, but it does.
Being the beeb it will be repeated lots, and the first series was funny too :-)
This is from season 1, or the 1st series as we say here in the uk

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