Saturday, September 22, 2007

custom spiderman car in forza

custom spiderman car, originally uploaded by epredator.

I finally got around to buying a car online in the Forza auctions. This excellant spider man car popped up. Props to the artist who ever they are as I did not check out the name and after purchase it did not seem to keep the designers name with it.
The tools to customize the cars do not include uplading images, its all pure in game design with clipart, colours and a stack of time and talent.

Having already created the eightbar/epredator design I also decided to aution one of these f430's. It may sell, its only on for 2 hours and at a resonable price. Though its only a stock 430 under the hood, you have to try these things.


If anybody ever has any doubt about the need to be able to trade in user created content which driving game am I talking about here out of the hundreds available. Yes, the one with the cool user created content.

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