Monday, January 29, 2007

Metaverse Evangelist on official public record

We just got back from registering Sam's birth. The registrar asked my occupation so I said Metaverse Evangelist. Jan's was Finance and Planning manaager, though we nearly had a mistype on the record as Fnance and Plumbing manager.
So its now on the birth certificate and official. For the stats people a short description came out as Online Virtual Worlds. It felt like a start to the Jedi religion swamping census forms and becoming official.
The registrar made a comment "that will give them something to think about!"


Cywalker said...

Ian, if you are interested in meeting SGIs former "VR Evangalist," Linda Jacobson, let me know...

epredator said...

That would be great. I often reference the fact that VR has come of age with many other things reaching the right point on the curve. Not least the willingess to contribute that has been brought on by web 2.0. blogs, wikis etc.