Monday, April 02, 2012

Contrasting entertainment experiences

What? Two visits to shows in two days. Are you some sort of entertainment critic or something? Not exactly, but on Saturday night we popped to Southampton Guildhall to see Paul Merton's new stand up show on tour. I have always been a fan of his particular blend of old fashioned humour, clever word play and then thrown in with extreme flights of fancy. The unexpected turns up and adds to the humour. This shows was a journey through his noggin as he referred to it. Unlike most stand up this was actually more of a sketch show with monologues and other performances put together with 3 other comedians. It really was a tremendous show. He made some references to Have I Got News for You and how people think he only ever sits down, hence doing stand up. The only criticism was that Southampton Guildhall lacks atmosphere and the school type seating arrangement, no stagger makes it difficult to see whats going on. Not his fault :)
The other major event though was completely different. We took the predlets to Brighton to see Diversity performing their new Digitize show. I am fairly certain this is the best show I have ever been too. It is truly stunning. The predlets decided to practice a bit before we went in as you can see below

This is extremely evolved street dance performance and whilst it has its roots in those sheets of lino we used to backspin on Ashley and his crew have elevated it to an extremely accessible piece of entertainment.
The music was very varied too, not solely relying on the fast cut hip hop tunes. They featured a live pianist and also a live oboe player. Tunes like Stevie Wonder's Superstition and other soul songs and Evanescence bring me to life. Other dancers supported the storyline that included martial artists Trinity warriors and the amazing Chuck from the Sky Got to Dance finals. The kids that support them too are just amazingly clever, and strong dancers.
The story is clearly inspired by Tron, as they get digitised into a video game and have to fight their way out, but it is a brilliant journey.
The Jackson inspired routine that featured in the Got To Dance Semi finals was also part of the story.
So look at this and ramp that up by 2 hours of high paced action packed action and musicality and you have the show.

It is sell out tour, but if you can get to see them, who ever you are... Do!

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