Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Watch out for the Common Plec

Common Plec, originally uploaded by epredator.

We are new to the whole aquarium keeping hobby. It is way more complex than just sticking a fish in a bowl. It is also possible to make mistakes.
I was concerned that we were getting a lot of algae on the glass and rocks in the tank and that would upset the eco system.
So I went to a shop and asked to a plec. These little fish each algae. The thing was the Common Plec seems to be a bit of a monster. It turns out it can grow rapidly to over 0.5m which is actually bigger than out tank.
Luckily maidenhead aquatics take in over growing plecs. I felt very guilty rehousing out plec and the predlets were a little upset as they had seen him grow up (the past few months) however it seems that this is a very common problem.
So when getting fish, go somewhere like Maidenhead aquatics, they really know their stuff and would not have even had a common plec on sale to the average aquarium owner. 5 -6 a month get taken in.
So research, read, and ask a few experts. There a lots of Plec species, and they certainly do keep the tank clean but its all about balance.

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