Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sorting out Darth Vader

Predlet 2.0 has taken to doing the things boys do. Things become guns, and bad guys need sorting out. There may of cause and effect, nature nurture conversations here but he was having fun and living out a bit of Star Wars. Darth Vader is a bad guy (in general lets not worry about the subtleties of redemption) and bad guys need "sorting out".
So he did, and he wanted it filmed.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

bam bam bam bam! that's the way to get em :-)

slhamlet said...

Haha, Jen and I think that's cute as hell. Also, when the occasion calls, I want to start saying "you need sorting out" as opposed to, oh, "I wanna kick your ass." Much more dignified!

epredator said...

Its funny to think out little predlet being a yob is teaching dignified etiquette instead of ass kicking :)