Saturday, July 04, 2009

Thinking outside the egg box

Thinking outside the egg box, originally uploaded by epredator.

Imperial measurements led to a cultural ideal that eggs are delivered by the dozen (12), or more usually a half dozen (6). Of course there is no real reason why the number cant be different. Yet after all these years of seeing 6 eggs in a box I found it odd to see 9 in our recent delivery from the online grocery store Ocado.
That slightly weird uncomfortable feeling when things are not in their usual place is a good one to seek out. It does not mean bad things are going to happen merely that you have got set in your ways and something new is occurring.


Unlisted said...

I like all the indvidual stamps on the eggs! How do they manage that??

epredator said...

I think the chickens have been bred to stamp the lion quality mark in the actual surface of the egg :)

Anonymous said...

Bloody metric system!