Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wimbledon on the Wii

I was blogging on my company blog over on Feeding Edge about my involvement and history at the Wimbledon tennis championships and happened to notice the article about the new EA sports Wii game Grand Slam Tennis that has actually got the real Wimbledon in it.

All the tennis games up to now have have South London or some aberration of the name. In games it always feels right to have the real place, the real names. Any slight deviation ruins the experience. I remember in F1 when the Geoff Crammond game had all the drivers but one called "A Canadian" on the roster, complete with instructions of how to use the editor to type Villenueve's name in yourself. It is a bit more tricky to deal with 3d models and graphics. I understand the branding and licensing issues but somethings that are so public and want to be represented should just be there. So, if you want to play on Wimbledon's hallowed centre court try one of these two wii packs.

Or without the new motion controller pack
EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis (Wii)

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