Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ok I dont like this! Civil Liberty does not mean hacking my machines

I saw a tweet about this time article linked from the open rights group reference. I tend to avoid too much political comment, but seriously do we really think that its a good idea to just have police hacking out our computers without a warrant.
I am no legal eadle but I am a libertarian. Yes a complex issue but.... its a slippery slope, along with id cards, genetic databases of kids etc. We have seen enought sci-fi that has come true technology wise, so it is the same with over control with machines checking up on us.
I dont think I will be putting foil on my head just yet, but will the control freaks please calm down, its actually more risky to apply this technology, to gather this information. At the drop of a memory stick its all in the "real wrong" hands.

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f1d3lis said...

Do these laws disallow lawsuits against the government when said hacking disrupts or damages a genuine individual's assets or business or compromises security policies that are already in place?

This isn't so much driving a 'coach and horses' through privacy laws to me, as it is driving the Death Star through them.

Stay classy, Britain.