Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Padded cell?

Padded cell?, originally uploaded by epredator.

In preparing for our guests on new years eve I decided to test out the stack of single and double airbeds we have once and for all. So the spare room is now a natural selection experiment in deflation, or a padded cell. The predlets could not resist bouncing around in there. I managed to escape but cant help feeling a full padded room mught be a good diversionin the near future :)

***Update the results of the overnight test. 3 single beds 2 very flat, 1 nearly (would be with someone sleeping on it, 2 large doubles all fine and a-ok. I thought you needed to know :)

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f1d3lis said...

I see my insanity has started rubbing off on you in some pretty wack places. I suggest you call your doctor if you start mooing. and then bopping alien xenomorphs with squeaky hammers in the hunt.

The padded room helps, ya.