Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Radio control car with motion tracking headset - Awesome

On the gadget show last night they had this awesome radio controlled car. An in car camera, but one that responds to your head movements and tracks what you want to look at. It projects the incar view to you on a visor headset. Fantastic stuff.


Michael said...

That is so awesome epredator. Thanks for tweeting this post.

epredator said...

you are welcome :-) credit for the gadget show (as in the post) for putting it on the old skool tv

Anonymous said...

There was one a google video a while ago (not there now) where a guy had built a similar sort of setup into an R/C plane. It was pretty impressive.

Anonymous said...

This is part of what I was looking for.

click here

There used to be another video on google of the various parts etc but I can't find it now. Check out some of his other videos.
Pretty awesome for a home made setup.