Monday, April 07, 2008

Virtual Worlds 2008 - The after show parties

Ok so conferences are a subtle blend of business and social. The virtual world conferences tend to have quite a large element of social. The medium we are working in, namely metaverses is inherently about connecting people. It is also a growing. but young industry so there are many "movers and shakers" who care passionately about it all.
The first nights party saw many of us wander along to the Electric Sheep Company offices in Manhattan. There was some fantastic buffet food, a very generous bar (featuring Jack Daniels amongst other things) and out back was Rockband set up on the Xbox. I particularly enjoyed getting to play Rockband as we dont have it in the UK yet and I am a Guitar Hero fan. Of course the blend of timezones, late nights and the previously mentioned JD may have affected my musical skills and coordination, but I did really enjoy the gathering. Thanks muchly ESC.

The second evening was a very late one, Ids and I made our way down to the Lit bar in the lower east side to a metaverse meetup arranged by Annie Ok and Jerry Paffendorf. There were a stack of people there who are very active in creating and using Second Life and other metaverse tech. Annie has a particularly good set of pictures in her set here there is also a generic metaverse meetup group here

I did not get to take any video as it was very dark in the Lit bar. However Xantherus has made lots of videos of the Virtual Lower East side that she worked on for MTV that was announced live at the conference.
Here is one video with Annie narrating :-)

I mused earlier on the difference between the almost grunge rock and roll chic atmosphere of the East coast metaverse scene versus the more techno cleanliness that seems to exists in the rich silicon valley west coast culture. I then merge that with out UK, Hursley countryside geekdom. It shows that there is somethine for everyone in the metaverse business.

Sifu pointed out at the conference he was expecting more cos-play apart from em that was as he pointed out I sort of do that all the time with my eightbar shirt and leather striped jacket.

Anyway it was good to see everyone, the 2am Macdonalds with Idz after the party really did show NY is the city that never sleeps. Though strangely the next day (Saturday) it was strange to find Macy's not open until 10 am.

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