Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I asked for vinegar?

It must be my day for mad signs and labels. I popped to the local fish and chip shop and stocked up on vinegar as we had run out. When I got home I noticed it had this ridiculous almost made up for comedy show label. "Fish and chip shop style non brewed condiment."
I assume its some mad EU regulation. I will probably go insane if I analyze the words here. I am used to asking for Coke and having to claify in a restaurant that I am happy to accept Pepsi, but imagine "Can I have some vinegar please, yes sir but we only have fish and chip shop style non brewed condiment."
Its almost as bad as the phrase I heard in the US "Its a genuine replica" or in Georgia at the sone mountain "This is the biggest rock monolith in the world second only to Uluru(formerly Ayres Rock)"
Still its a laugh isnt it?

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