Sunday, February 24, 2008

Living life publicly - sharing a CV

I recently went through a bit of a CV review, my current CV was quite frankly too long, too detailed and extracted from an internal system. There is a balance between having full details and having a sales document.
I had decided to do the rewrite after a "free" evaluation of it, which pretty much told me all the thing I already felt about it. Professional CV writers are well worth it, but as someone who lives life online and publicly on stage it would be a little strange to outsource my CV.
However, having written something I did ask the world for help in reviewing it.
CV's are normally very personal and close to the chest documents, after all they are used for competitive bids for jobs. However I felt it a good idea to ask not only Mrs Epred but a whole array of other people over on Twitter. The people who I follow on Twitter and who follow me are part of my support network and not purely work contacts. Many of them are of course in the growing metaverse business, so I thought it important to share the creation of the CV with them.
A CV is never finished, never perfect, always too long/too short/wordy/sparse, but I must say that after all the good comments and feedback and taking many of them on board I am quite happy with my CV at the moment.
I also experimented with using the microsoft doc format but without Word. instead plumping for the free open version of lotus symphony. This is still in beta and it appears to differ across NT and Vista in formatting a little. However, it is possible to live without Office.
Of course people googling me or checking my showreel, looking at linkedin recommendations and reading my various blog posts would be the thing I would expect people to do, but it seems we still end up needing to create a point in time post about who we are to help people understand what they need to research further.
The new CV is here in PDF format, I have another with address/postcode etc but this has email address only. Though I am not hard to find :-)
I still have to take up some of the suggestions on machine readable versions.
Anyway, thankyou everyone for your comments and help. I will of course keep evolving it and have some comments that I want to take on board but need to adjust some balance a bit first.