Thursday, January 03, 2008

Motorbike groupie/team shirt MIST Suzuki Racing

31122007808, originally uploaded by epredator.

Mike came to visit over last weekend, aside from having known one another for years and the fact we are both in a similar industry he runs a bike racing team that races in the european rounds on the world superbike circuit in the superstock class. Which I think is very impressive!
The team is MIST Suzuki racing and good luck to them for this season.
The racing scene is a load of wheeling and dealing and complicated arrangements. If I had a bit more spare cash we would have put Eightbar sponsorship on the bikes :-)
Anyway Mrs epred and I got shirts from Mike. So we can support the team together. So this post is by way of a thanks :-)
Mike also has his own sponsorship on this for his this is a high value ticket competition to let people win very cool vehicles. I cant enter as I am a friend and if I won that would look odd wouldnt it!
So if you are a biker and spectate look out for the team. Mike is very active in SL aswell so you may find you already know him out there :-)