Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Singstar Ps3 - Who would have thought it?

Singstar Ps3, originally uploaded by epredator.

A belated 40th present arrived today with Singstar on the PS3 (only 4 months late). I know I am not singer, hence always trying to play guitar as a yoof. However, I have always fancied learning to ding a bit better and the feed back of singstar seemed to be the way.
Mrs Epred and I sparked it up tonight and it turns out she is way better than me on most songs.
We waded through duets on most of the songs that come with it, but the draw of the singstar online store grew too great.
If nothing else to buy Wizard's "I wish it could be christmas everyday" and our soccer anthem "three lions".
The thing was we got there and there were a fair few tunes from our generation. Culture Club, Depeche Mode etc.
I downloaded the 2 Duran Duran songs "Hungry like the wolf" and "Rio".
Having just sung hungry like the wolf it turns out of all the songs and all the styles I appear to be a Simon Le Bon clone :-) I got a pretty decent score, felt in tune (nealry) and seemed to be hitting and holding the right notes.
I am not going to be launching a pop career, though...... no I am not!
I am so looking forward to our UK version of rockband now, being able to combine the guitar and the singing and doing the band thing in a kareoke style.
I used to really not even consider karoike bars back in the 90's but now my performance and ego gene has been enabled I am more than up for giving it a go, after a bit of practice of course.
So atlast an app that makes me want to spark up the PS3. Just get some more songs on that shop Sony!

**Update I just twittered a precise 140 character one saying
"singstar, I am twisted sister, wolfmother, culture club, duran duran and the killers. I am not Robbie Williams or Gwen Stefani (relatively!)"


Anonymous said...

@epred - happy belated 40th to you! Saw the twitter on your post and just read the blog entry to the mrs. and littleblue 1.0. We have just the ps2, so while singstar is available, we can't download any new songs. :( so, maybe after a rental of the ps2 version, she'll be hooked enough to tell me to spring for the ps3.

epredator said...

@carolinabigblue I know Mrs epred was a bit skeptical, but it was the downloads that did it. They call this casual gaming, but I think we need a new term for this branch of it.
I just cant wait until the predlets start to join in, in fact I am sure predlet1.0 will pick up the mic and start doing her thing very soon.
Just goes to show not all gaming is evil :-)
It is well worth a rental as far as I know teh ps2 version and ps3 version are the same gig really, different songs etc. The formula has not changed :-)
The Ps3 has got cheaper too :-)