Friday, October 26, 2007

interaction gone mad

interaction gone mad, originally uploaded by epredator.

Whilst staying over in london for the virtual worlds forum europe I noticed this mad sign on the mini bar in the room. I think thats using the interactive label a little too oddly for my liking.
Still..... I took a photo and now have a radisson logo on the blog so maybe its geek based marketing?


Dale Lane said...

Those minibars are a bad idea if you've got kids with you.

If your kid spends a few minutes playing "shops" while you're in the bathroom, taking things in and putting things back in the minibar, you can end up with an impressive bill :-)

epredator said...

ha, yes I can see that would be a problem :-)
The US ones never seem to bother with mini bars anymore at least the california ones.
Its handy to have some biscuits or peanuts after a long day though.