Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A convincing argument on our future?

Nick Wilson twittered this recently, so I took a look. I started to expect a spoof, but it is not. I started to think yes but, in order to pick some holes. The guy has done the thing I like to do, select the extremes and see where it takes you. I found this very thought provoking, see what you think its only a few minutes


Unknown said...

Far too simplistic, there are so many possible outcomes from taking/not taking action. I know he's doing the edge cases, but there are sooo any more than he's used, certainly not least the one of having catastrophe, flood etc in column A. Because for one it might be to late to do anything about it, or alternatively its a natural cycle so we can't, or whatever action is taken isn't going to be followed by everyone and then you've got to force them resulting in another edge case of world war or similar. So not a convincing argument for me, though i don't need convincing :P

epredator said...

I guess I was impressed by the simplicity. It appears that action is always better than non action. Something I like to think is correct in most cases.
I like to balance the flow of letting things occur with a bit of pushing in various directions.
How that applies to a global problem though is a little daunting.
The war angle of conflicting interest did cross my mind, and in sense is where we are today with the quest for oil and gas, as the resource is already in short supply

Anonymous said...

Hopelessly naive.
1. there is excellent scientific evidence that these changes are part of a natural cyclical process, and human contributions, while finite, negligible.
2. it is not surprising that Al Gore gets an award from an organization determined to uphold highly politicized positions such as awarding Arafat also the same award.
2. there are those who would love for us to run in circles asking for government to save us - and certainly not read the real studies on this subject.... you guys familiar with the Hockey Stick Fraud?

This guy is a dope of a dupe - put all your resources into protecting against the "worst case" without really using your knowledge and wisdom to evaluate the real process at work.