Saturday, September 08, 2007

A bizzare coincidence with me and Linden?

I was zooming around google maps on my n95 and doing the usual thing of places I have lived. I zoomed in on where I was born ( a home birth ) 40 years ago.
I was born on Briar Avenue. Not more than 70 metres away and opposite Linden Tree Gardens. Now I had forgotten this, I used to play on sycamore and oak, but Linden was a cul de sac.
Was it this that made me think Second Life felt comfortable given its by Linden Labs?
I live my live with things all connecting in a nice flow of various strands, its all connected, but this was a bit of an OMG moment :-)


Mark Wallace said...

The lowest floor of my building is marked "LL" in the elevator (for Lower Level).

On the way out to JFK, if you drive the right route, you pass the Linden Motel, suitably low-rent.

You just can't escape 'em.

epredator said...

They do get everywhere. Though thinking back, Linden tree gardens was a place we were not welcome as kids.
There was a house on the corner that had huge railing metal fence around it.
Though I dont remember anybody hanging around pose balls, worrying about gambling, or just griefing people in the general vicinity :-)

Nick O'Leary said...

The hotel Roo and I stayed at for kyb's wedding was the Lindenhof - it had a large tree at the front that we assumed was a Linden tree.