Monday, July 30, 2007

More little big planet

This is why I have a PS3.....

Little big planet. Yes its not out yet, but anyone who experienced building in Second Life and teh creative buzz, but yearns for more physics will love this.

Check it out. HD version on the PS3 network to download too.


Jasmin Tragas said...

ePred I used to love gaming back in the days of Atari's, Phoenix and Pong (gasp) but have not been a huge gamer for a while. You may have just helped my husbands case for a gaming room. First I want a Wii tho ;)

epredator said...

wonderwebby I too started gaming back then :-) I think the guys at media molecule are not quite as old, but they certainly would have been around in the spectrum/c64 and then amiga days.
LBP has this whole home brew feel to it, but with high end skills and design applied.
It is goign to be interesting to see what the world creates with it once its unleashed.