Friday, June 08, 2007

Web 2 is Web Do!

Increasigly I am ending up talking with people who say things like "how can I get involved in....." or "We should get our people doing ...." or "we need to initiate a project and plan to do ....."
You can replace the dots with blog, wiki, podcast, second life or anything that is about user created content and self organizing groups.
I usually have to be a bit gentle, but the answer is just get on and start doing it.
How do you find out about blogs, well.... blog. You do not have to start with a lofty goal, massive investment, huge targets. You do have to start by doing.
So web 2 is web do.
The democratizing nature of it though can be a threat to a control structure. The need to direct and tell people what to do still is part of most groups. However, even in that structure it means that the person at the "top" needs to do it as much as the person at the "bottom". Leading by example. A bit scary for some people, but thats the world :-)
"Web 2 is Web do. " my gift for the day.

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