Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Facebook, it seems to be doing some neat things

Being a digital native, or whatever we call ourselves, I had finally got around to signing up to facebook. For some reason this is going to break my 'i am epredator online' handle, to the point that even on onxiam it decided not to show up when I added facebook.
I had just sort of added myself to facebook, and thought I would go back to it later, but now people are finding me and some really old friends who had lost touch are turning up. This is really encouraging.
So apologies to people who found me and were waiting on freind responses. I had not got into the whole facebook mode. What I need is a social network aggregator that acts as a single point of contact, like onxiam but for stuff.
Networkr or some such web2.0 name :-) Of course that is unlikely to happen, but for now it looks like I am sucked into facebook as it has provided me with something that some of the other sites have not.

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