Sunday, April 29, 2007

Streaming life from a mobile

It would appear that streaming live video is the weapon of choice for all us web 2.0+ crew.
Having recently got a Nokia 95, as I had the urge to move from a drab work account to a shiny new all singing all dancing t-mobile one, I have been playing with all the bits and pieces.
So, I now have sat nav in the car as the n95 is gps and map enabled. I have hooked up to Flickr to post images, and this blog to post comments.
I have posted to youtube a video that the phone mixed itself (is low quality as its an MMS message "muvee". This was through ShoZu thanks to peder for twittering that to me :-)
Tonight I signed up to Comvu and now have the ability to stream video from the phone to a streaming server for the viewing publics pleasure. There has been a lot of this going on on but this allows me to hit the streaming servers in a way suited to mobiles. Of course the neat thing is the n95 will use a WiFi network, such as one at home to do the streaming and not bust the fair use policy.
The video and photos can also be geotagged using the GPS device builtin. Its all easily available commercial stuff. Not overly robust, things do crash sometimes but its way easier than is used to be!
Its all very cool and interesting and just a little bit mad :-)

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