Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tonight I'm a rock 'n' roll star

My recent trip to New York for Virtual Worlds 2007 was very much a work trip. However it was also social. I got to meet some really famous (in my metaversal circles) people. Many of whom I have already met in blogs and in Second Life and alike.
However it was a great ego boost, albeit a tongue in cheek one, to be treated and respected as one of this group that I aspire to.
Several people actually told me I was a rock and roll star. Well I will take that one and feel good about it :-)
I just twittered "Starting to believe own hype :-) just need the metaverse equivalent of a multi mill$ recording contract any offers ? :-)"
Anyway, it was my SL rez day the last day of the conference and it was a great meet up all day and then later in the pub. My bag got a little guiness on it, via another famous avatar.
I am also convinced that Frodo Baggins wandered past in the bar we were in, of course it may have been the fumes from Ren Reynolds White Russian (the drink of a philosopher)

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