Friday, March 02, 2007

So Twitter/Tumblr/Blogs too many?

I have been sucked into twitter and now tumblr. It is hard to know where to post what. Its very exciting to have to find some sort of filter or meta voice to go across all these.
With all teh other things, and places to be. The world certainly is not shrinking !


Anonymous said...

Do you think Twitter and Tumblr are really meant for people?

To me they both feel like something that's designed for machines to handle, then be interpreted in some more human way, like RSS.

I can see the appeal, but I think if they're going to work, they need to be automated, in the same way that IM status messages are. I do like WeFeelFine which automatically picks feelings out of the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Tumblr just recently added RSS scraping, so your vision of letting the machines do the work got one step closer.

epredator said...

i agree that there is a bit of confusion. but blogs a major statment, tiwtter an ongoing single line chat and tumblr, well and excuse to post just stuff. Less sure about Tumlbr as any blog can choose to be like that. Twitter had something else.