Sunday, March 11, 2007

rockabilly history

Youtube does it again. My favourite song of all time Stray Cat Strut

I ended up looking for this due to a chain of events again.

I was helping find some music to calm baby Sam. So my itunes was being shuffled through. I then realized when I read a twitter about Jim Purbrick being in Brighton that I did not have Rumble in brighton on itunes. All my stray cats is on vinyl. I was a rockabilly when everyone was doing punk. So I hit the shop to find Rumble on Brighton and bumped into a superb Brian Setzer Orchestra best of live album. Including a cool version of the strut. So I downloaded it.

Meanwhile I had thrown together a video of Sophie's favourite game grape escape

Was uploading to youtube and thought, oooh stray cats I wonder, surely they wont be on there. Sure enough they were.

So now I am thinking I need a new avatar to sport the massive hair setzer style that I used to have when I was a kid growing up as a rockabilly rebel.

Its all too superb to take in.


Anonymous said...

You just don't see enough people playing the double bass in pop videos these days. :-)

epredator said...

agreed the slap bass was a big feature of the whole scene.
However Setzers guitar and crooning is what does it