Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hmmm, not sure what to do now in limbo

We have spent the evening rating and timing various contraction like movements. The need to do something, timing them writing them down is really a replacement for not being able to help a lot. Something is certainly happening but Jan has gone to bed now having sat up waiting for it all to start properly.
So once again I guess I will sparking up Eve( No long missions though.) and a bit of work in Second Life, Snapzilla/Flickr etc whilst I am on standby. I certainly cant risk going to sleep too early!
So apologies to family and friends out there. At the time of writing its not likely to be today and I have given up predicting anything.
I almost did not bother writing this post, but I know if I dont some people will assume we are all systems go for the baby.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Must be frustrating. Thinking of you guys. Hope you get some sleep, and a hassle-free birth soon!

epredator said...

thanks roo :-) Still does give some time to work on that new corporation ;-)